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4 Ways to See How Much Traffic a Website Gets

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

How much traffic does a website get? If you want to find the answer to this question, you’ve come to the right place!

Website traffic is essentially the number of people that visit your website. It’s an essential measure in calculating the overall performance of your website. This is because if you’re able to generate high traffic, then you will have more chances of boosting your conversion rate.

Every website wants to reap the benefits of high web traffic. There are various ways to boost your website traffic. such as focusing on optimizing your content for search engines and investing in a simple website design. However, another great way to boost your website traffic is to study the traffic your competitor’s website generates.

If you can find out how much traffic your competition gets, then you can use those findings to figure out the strategies that work in attracting visitors. You can also gain other valuable insights, such as the niche that your competition is focusing on and the keywords that they are using to generate traffic. You can also find great content topics that will help you boost your traffic. Finding out how much traffic a website gets in your industry will essentially help you get a neat overview of what will work and won’t work in generating targeted traffic.

This is where things get a bit tricky. No website will openly disclose its traffic to its competition. However, there are some ways in which you can figure out how much traffic a website is generating.

Let’s explore all of them!

1.   Utilize Online Tools to Check Website Traffic

Various paid and free tools can give you an estimate of a website’s visitors over a period of time. Here are some popular tools that you can use to check your competition’s website traffic:

–  SEMrush

SEMrush is inarguably one of the best online tools to check the traffic of any website. It’s a popular tool among SEO professionals as it can effectively help you estimate your competition’s traffic and give you valuable insights into it.

It provides you key information such as the top organic keywords, backlinks, landing pages, and more used by your competition. It also has a great feature called Traffic Analytics, which can help you see the total number of visits, traffic sources, device breakdown, and high traffic regions.

–  Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank is a tool provided by Amazon that you can use to estimate the web traffic of your competition. It’s a free tool that can provide valuable data with a simple click of a button. It’s great if you want a rough estimate of the attractiveness of your competitor’s website.

You can also use this tool to assess the credibility of a business website before getting into business with them. The only downside to this tool is that it generates data only from users who have it installed.

–  Ahrefs

It’s another great tool that offers in-depth data about your competitor’s website traffic. You can take a look at the organic search report of a website to see its total monthly visitors, traffic value, organic keywords, high traffic regions, and more.

You can also use this tool to perform your own keyword research to figure out which keywords your competition is ranking high on. You can use those keywords to generate high-quality, original content to optimize your pages. You can also use Ahrefs to refer domains, find broken links, identify content gaps, and see the anchor distribution of your competitors.

–  SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a trusted website traffic checker with a free browser extension that you can use to see the global ranking of a website, high traffic regions, traffic sources, and visits over time. You can also gain insight into other important metrics such as average visit duration and bounce rate.

It also has a premium version with more advanced features, but the free extension also works just fine. However, you must note that SimilarWeb relies on a small sample of online users to estimate a website’s traffic. So, it doesn’t give any data for recently launched or small websites.

2.   Find Your Competitor’s Total Number of Social Shares and Comments

Another way to find out how much traffic a website gets is to find out its total number of social shares. Simply head over to your competitor’s website blog section and open their recent articles to figure out how many readers shared the blog posts on social media.

Note down the numbers to calculate an average social share number to figure out how well that website is doing. A higher number is indicative of greater engagement and more website traffic. You can also use your findings to generate more valuable content on similar topics.

You can also estimate the website traffic by checking the engagement in the comments section of the blog posts. Simply go through all the recent blog posts to gauge the engagement level. A higher number of comments certainly indicate the popularity of a website and its high traffic.

3.   Check Out Your Competition’s YouTube and Social Media Popularity

You also need to put on your detective hat and check out your competition’s social media and YouTube channel. See the number of their followers and subscribers. Take a look at how often they post valuable content and videos that link back to their website and how much engagement and traffic such posts are able to generate. This will help you figure out their popularity, which will help you estimate their website traffic as well.

4.   Search for Their Advertising Pages

You can also estimate your competition’s website traffic by searching for their webpages that highlight their advertising details. Many businesses tend to display valuable data about their website on such pages in hopes of attracting advertisers. This data can include their traffic stats, which can be quite appealing to a protective advertiser.

You can simply search for such webpages in your industry by entering variation of these search queries in your search engine:

  1. Advertise with us + [your niche]

You can use the aforementioned tips to see how much traffic a website gets. They will give you a good estimate of your competition’s traffic and other valuable insights, which can help you boost your website traffic!

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