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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center SEO & Marketing

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Are you in charge of the SEO and online marketing for your drug and alcohol treatment center? By now, you know that digital marketing provides an excellent opportunity to get your drug rehab facility noticed. Addicts and their loved ones always turn to the internet when researching in-state and out-of-state drug and alcohol treatment options. Yet, with so many drug rehab facilities trying to dominate the first page of Google, it’s incredibly difficult to stand out. That’s where Cohn Media comes in to help you with your drug treatment SEO.

SEO (search engine optimization) is an in-depth and time consuming process. Cohn Media is here to make this process much easier for you, in fact, outsource your SEO to us and we’ll do it all for you, so you can focus on whats important: getting people sober. We want you to focus on helping your clients with their addictions while we handle the technical aspects of your SEO & Online Marketing. We promise to take the time to learn about your treatment rehab center, the conditions you treat and the therapies you provide.

We’d love the opportunity to speak with you directly but In the meantime, we’ve included information on our SEO process and the elements we pay the closest attention to.

Keywords: Why They Matter for Drug Rehab Centers

You can’t discuss search engine optimization without discussing keywords. While it’s true that the role of keywords has changed over the years, they are still very vital to your content marketing. Here’s why:

Let’s say that the parent of a teenager suspects her daughter is abusing alcohol and drugs. She turns to the internet to search Google for phrases such as “signs of drug use” or “detox options for teens”. The search engines return the most relevant results to the user, and the closest proximity. By including the right keywords in your content, you’re essentially telling the search engines what your content is about and then deliver it to the searcher.

SEO is an organic approach that works time over time. The results aren’t immediate as they are with pay per click (PPC.) This is just one of the reasons why you need a dedicated SEO team working behind the scenes to research keywords, run the appropriate reports and ensure that your content is doing its job and yielding the highest results possible.

Content’s Role in the Search Rankings

Once the proper keyword research is final, your content needs to be optimized with the appropriate keywords. However, this isn’t enough to bring in qualified traffic. What you need to succeed is highly engaging content that is written to your unique audience. The search engines need high quality content to index, so the more helpful content you create, the better.

For example, your audience may have questions about the types of insurance that are accepted at your rehab, or the differences between Inpatient and Outpatient rehab. Developing content around these particular topics drives traffic to your website and gets people familiar with your drug treatment center.

Creating content is only a small part of your SEO strategy. Our SEO experts will also do the following:

  1. Add locations – If you want your Drug Rehab Treatment center to rank for a particular area, there are a couple of things that need to be done.  First, we can optimize your web page’s meta titles with the appropriate city names. Also, we can add localized keywords in your content, such as the cities, states and regions you serve most.

  2. Optimize directories – It’s very important to claim your business profiles in the common directories such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yext. All information should be updated and consistent, so people can easily search for your alcohol treatment center.

  3. Encourage reviews – Addicts and their families want to know firsthand accounts of your rehab facility, its approach to treatment and how effective it is. Reviews, testimonials and personal experiences are encouraged. Personal stories are also very powerful. Check out the reviews on google for Daytryp Health a ketamine treatment center in Phoenix , AZ.

Consider All of Your Audiences

Drug rehab facilities have a lot of audiences to connect with:

  1. Parents of teenagers

  2. Children of addicts

  3. Friends and families of loved ones in need

  4. Teachers and school administrators

  5. Those struggling with addiction

  6. Those in recovery

When creating your drug rehab SEO content, your different audiences must be considered. If your content only speaks to the addict or alcoholic, you’re missing out on opportunities to connect with your other audiences. Putting together helpful information for friends and family can drive more traffic to your website, as can offering content for those who are celebrating recovery and topics for health professionals.

Additionally, your treatment facility likely treats many types of addictions and mental health disorders. Dedicated pages for opioids, meth, heroin, alcohol, designer drugs and fentanyl help visitors find the information they’re looking for, quickly and ultra efficiently. The more specific your content is, the more personalized it will become.

By working with us for your SEO strategy, we will determine all of your audiences and discover the most commonly used keywords for each of your programs. We will then group the audiences into topics and concepts that relate to each other. We recommend a large mix of content such as blog posts, videos, info-graphics, testimonials, podcasts and SlideShare’s.

Summing Up Our SEO Process

We know there’s a ton of information on this page, but don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions! Here is a rough outline of the search engine optimization (SEO) process we follow:

  1. Research keywords

  2. Develop customer profiles

  3. Optimize content with location-based keywords

  4. Add high domain (DA) backlinks from trusted sources only Cohn Media has access to

  5. Claim profiles on online business directories

  6. Create content that targets your audiences

  7. Sign up for Cohn Media’s Keyword Software Program for immediate SEO juice!

Need Help with Your Drug Rehab Search Engine Optimization?

By choosing Cohn Media for your SEO and digital marketing for your treatment facility, you’ll get the attention you deserve and we guarantee your traffic will increase 40% in less than 4 months. We truly value our clients and the good they are doing to help people in our community fight addiction and alcoholism.

Our team understands that each drug treatment center is unique, and we’ll be sure to reflect this in all your content. We’re also very careful to use the same language as your drug rehab already has. Our SEO strategists are comfortable writing about co-occurring disorders, integrative treatment options, relapse prevention, sober living, detox and aftercare. We feel that being aware of every pertinent detail of your rehab facility allows us to deliver truly personalized results to our valued clients.

Don’t waste another minute on SEO when you could be using the time to change and save lives. Call Cohn Media to learn more about our SEO for drug rehab centers and how we plan to get you to the top of the search results!

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