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How to Avoid Being Shadowbanned on Instagram

Are your public posts not getting enough “love”?

Have your hashtags reached some kind of stagnation?

Is your Instagram following growth hitting a wall?

Looks like you’ve been a victim of Instagram Shadowban!

You’re probably wondering about what this term means. Not too long ago, the term ‘Instagram Shadowban’ became the talk of the town, being featured on almost every other Facebook group or IG club— and it’s definitely proven to be more lethal than bad-mouthing!

What is an Instagram Shadowban?

Instagram shadowban occurs when the application blocks your posts from appearing on the ‘explore’ feed of people who are not following you. In other words, if you have been shadowbanned, then your posts cannot be seen by the public and only can be found by the people currently following you. One of the scariest parts of this, is that you are never notified this is even happening to your page. n fact, the only way to realize that you’ve been a victim of a shadowban is when your ‘likes’ or ‘following’ list has nosedived – which is only seen under careful and watchful monitoring.

Instagram has established itself as a growing community, particularly for bloggers and affiliate marketers. Even for businesses, Instagram has proven to be an effective platform to reach out to millions of active users, leading towards a better return on investments (ROI). As a result, businesses deem Instagram to be an integral online channel to publish their content and effectively reach out to their target audience.

However, ever since Instagram revised its policies, it is extremely important for you to be careful with how you caption your posts, particularly with the hashtags you use.

Shadowban disables your posts’ visibility to non-follower users if there is a repetition of hashtags. These users are potential customers that need to be reached out in order to convert them into actual customers. However, with a shadowban, you’re unlikely to do so.

Additionally, if you’ve been shadowbanned, only you and your followers will be able to see your posts when they search for your hashtag—nobody else can! All your attempts to publicize your product and grow within the online marketing community will be in vain.

4 Reasons That May Cause Your Account to be Shadowbanned

Explicitly, Instagram hasn’t said much about its shadowbanning policy. However, it has implied how it is trying to improve the application for visual creativity and online engagement that is based upon realistic interaction, not spam.

An Instagram shadowban appears for the following reasons:

Automated Software

Instagram is promoting organic interaction within its community. Using automated software that reflects an unnaturally high following list that helps you in growing is a transgression of Instagram’s policies. Software such as Mass Planner, Instagress, Sprout Social, or Wordswag significantly boost your followers inorganically.

Besides, using software for automated posting to remain updated is also against Instagram’s policies and will get you shadowbanned.

In addition, creating multiple ‘fake’ accounts and using automated posting apps on one of them can also pervasively affect your other accounts since they’re all linked by the same IP address.

‘Spammy’ Behavior

Spammy behavior actually violates Instagram’s Terms of Services. Such behavior is determined by the following factors:

  1. You post too many images

  2. You post too many comments

  3. You follow or unfollow too much

Daily behavior on Instagram comes with a limit which should not be exceeded. On average, this limit includes not more than 200 likes, 50 comments, and 50 follows/unfollows on an hourly basis.

Inappropriate Hashtag

Even a single inappropriate or abused hashtag can lead to a shadowban by Instagram. Before using a hashtag, make sure you research it on Instagram to make sure that it’s not abused. More often than not, hashtags that have been associated with nudity, foul language, spams, and racially, religiously or sexually insensitive content is shadowbanned by Instagram. Prior to using a hashtag, make sure it hasn’t been categorized as offensive or abusive.

Continuous Reporting

Reporting is the easiest way to file a complaint with Instagram. If your account gets reported frequently, due to copyright infringement, nudity, hateful content or spam, you will be shadowbanned, immediately.

How to Not Get Shadowbanned by Instagram?

Reaching out to your target audience is the main goal of Instagram marketing. To make sure you appear on the feeds of ‘people who don’t follow you’, make sure you’re not violating Instagram’s policies of building an authentic community.

Avoid Automation

Bots that permit auto-comments and auto-likes are strictly against Instagram’s user guide. In addition, using applications for automated or scheduled postings is an infringement of Instagram’s Terms and Services. To make sure your account is safe from being a victim of shadowban or complete ban on IG, avoid using any kinds of automated applications.

Instead, post indigenously.  Hire an Instagram Marketing Manager like COHN Media that would help you construct and reserve a place as an organic member of the Instagram community.

Don’t Spam

Spammy behavior is another big ‘NO’ from Instagram. Not only is it a nuisance to your followers and the public, but it also prompts you to exceed your per hour limit, which can easily result in a shadowban by Instagram. Although you will be posting a lot, you won’t actually be reaching out to the public and your marketing strategy will fail. An example would be to check out the best drug rehab in Arizona – Arizona Addiction Recovery Center  

Research Hashtags

Homework is the key to your success! Using broken hashtags, regardless of how innocent they are, are likely to be misleading or abused. Oftentimes, broken hashtags are used in pornography and racially or religiously hateful content that not only leads to shadowbanning but also reporting by users.

To avoid this problem, always research hashtags before you use them. This will help ensure organic posting on Instagram.

Be Original

Instagram promotes creativity and originality. Interaction based upon authenticity is what leads to a healthy community building— and this platform is all about positivity! So be original and creative with your content; this will prevent you from being reported for plagiarism, copyright infringement, or misleading content.

With the right tips, you can easily avoid your account from being shadowbanned on Instagram.

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