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Top 10 Best Drug Rehabs in Scottsdale

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Scottsdale is a city located in the Greater Phoenix Area of Arizona. It is home to some of the best drug and alcohol rehab centers in the United States. Drug rehabs in Scottsdale help people recover from addiction to alcohol, drugs and other substances. These facilities have been specifically set up to help those suffering with substance abuse disorders get back on their feet and obtain freedom from drugs and alcohol, that control their lives.

In this blog, we will talk about the top 10 best drug rehabs in Scottsdale and the services they have to offer. The rankings are analyzed from a process of reviews, testimonials, years in business, name and reputation in the community and Domain Authority (DA). DA is the ranking factor used by most search engines, including Google, to rank websites on search results. The higher the DA, the better your going to rank!

1. Scottsdale Recovery Center

Scottsdale Recovery Center is number 1 on our list of top drug rehabs in Scottsdale. As Arizona’s premier addiction treatment facility, the Scottsdale Recovery Center is famous for its 2 recovery programs: one focuses on young adults aged 18 to 35 and the other focuses on adults aged 35 and above. The top priority at Scottsdale Recovery Center is to make patients feel comfortable and provide maximum levels of security and hospitality while they rebuild their lives. Scottsdale Recovery Center is known for having the most upscale, luxurious treatment facilities in Arizona yet offer reasonable and affordable cash rates to their community. They also accept all Private (PPO and HMO) Insurance and some Medicare (AHCCCS) plans.

You can contact the treatment center by calling on 602-346-9142 or emailing them on Visit their website for more details on the treatments and therapies they have to offer.

2. Arizona Addiction Recovery Center

Arizona Addiction Recovery Center (AARC) believes in creating strong foundations for recovery that help their clients battle through the hurdles they’ll face as they progress more and more into their recovery and sobriety in Arizona. As one of the most renowned recovery centers in Scottsdale, the rehab focuses on a deeper meaning to recovering from addictions. The AARC offers the following services:

  1. Upscale Inpatient / Residential Facility

  2. Medically-assisted detox programs

  3. Outpatient treatment

  4. MAT

  5. Family therapeutic support

  6. Shot and long term inpatient treatments

  7. Aftercare guidance and job support

You can contact AARC via their website or call on 602.346.9130. You can also fill out this form and we’ll pass along the information for you.

3. Arizona Addiction

One of the best drug rehabs in Scottsdale is Arizona Addiction Rehab. It aims to engage and empower those seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction. Arizona Addiction is dedicated to not only providing treatment for addictions but also reducing the chance of future relapses. Relapse Prevention is their niche and they appear to be very good at their job!

You can call their 24/7 helpline by dialing 1-602-737-1619 for a free assessment of your addiction. You can also visit their website to get details about the services they offer.

4. Arizona Recovery

Arizona Recovery is one of the best recovery centers in Scottsdale. It helps drug and alcohol addicts find their way back to normalcy by providing highly-experienced addiction treatments and a wide variety of therapeutic modalities to keep the clients engaged and proactive in their sober journeys.

Located on the border of Paradise Valley & Scottsdale, this rehab center provides a private, upscale environment with superior clinical care and recovery services. The center sets the bar very high for other luxury drug rehabs in Scottsdale.

You can contact Arizona recovery today on their helpline 866-230-7375 and get instant help. Visit their website for more information on the facilities they offer and how they can help you overcome your addiction.

5. Springboard Recovery

Springboard Recovery Rehab is one of the most popular luxury drug rehabs in Scottsdale. It offers one-of-a-kind, integrated and unrivaled care for its patients seeking drug and alcohol rehab services. Founded in 2012, the rehab offers 9 different kinds of therapies that treat conditions like anxiety, bipolar disorders, depression, trauma, personality disorders and codependency. The rehab also offers activities like rock climbing and has exceptional other various therapeutic activities. Springboard is an all male facility so they specialize in aspects and situations pertaining to addictions in men.

6. Desert Cove Recovery

Desert Cove Recovery specializes in the treatment of alcohol dependency, co-occurring disorders and drug addiction. It offers treatments tailored to suit the individual’s needs. The center first evaluates each patient and determines whether a medically-treated detox is needed before admitting them to the inpatient program. Four key components of this rehabilitation center are:

  1. Mind, body and spirit treatment

  2. Extended care

  3. Outdoor therapy

  4. 12-step therapy

7. Daytryp Health Our proprietary blend of functional mushrooms stacked with a subthreshold, microdose of psilocybin, will become the future of Nootropic supplements. Whether you are suffering from depression, anxiety, substance abuse addiction, or simply looking to optimize focus and performance, Daytryp’s functional mushroom blend can help. We imagine a world where plants and fungi are no longer criminalized, and are made affordable and accessible to people of all races, creeds and backgrounds. Nature definitely provides the medicines we need to thrive and recover. We send Daytryp from our HQ’s in Oregon, where plant medicines are decriminalized. Psilocybin is legal in Jamaica and Brazil, and decriminalized in Colorado, California, Chicago, DC, Oregon & Washington State, with many more states to come.

8. Pinnacle Peak Recovery

Pinnacle Peak Recovery promises world class treatment for its patients and guarantees a hospitable environment for them. The rehabilitation center offers unique services like yoga, trauma therapy, group therapy, equine therapy and individualized diagnosis for men and women. It helps people suffering from addiction, alcohol abuse, anger management issues, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, mood disorders, psychosis, sex addiction, sexual abuse and grief, to name a few.

9. Fountain Hills Recovery Center

The accredited Fountain Hills Recovery treatment center is where the healing begins for those seeking upscale and luxurious treatment in Fountain Hills and Scottsdale, AZ. They not only provide medically-assisted therapies (MAT)) for drug and alcohol detox, but they also realize the importance of healing the mind, body and soul. Fountain Hills Recovery offers alcohol, benzodiazepines, opiate and methadone detox, Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment for all Substance Abuse Disorders.

10. America’s Rehab Campuses

America’s Rehab Campuses offers a fully integrated facility designed for dual diagnosis drug & alcohol abuse patients. Their treatment program has been thoughtfully designed to individualize treatment for each client. Treatment at America’s Rehab Campuses begin with a biopsychosocial and medical evaluation by a medical doctor and a psychologist/psychiatrist on staff.  Treatment services include medical detox, inpatient rehab, intensive outpatient therapy (PHP & IOP), and residential treatment. (RTC) We also offer Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT, including Suboxone, Vivitrol and Naltrexone.) Locations in Tucson, Phoenix, Scottsdale & Dana Point, CA.

There are many drug and alcohol treatment centers in the USA and in Arizona. If the facility you are interested in is not on this list, please don’t fret. Some rehab centers in Arizona simply don’t utilize the internet to fill their beds and help people get sober. We at Cohn Media don’t understand that tactic, but we wish all rehabs in Arizona the best of luck in one of the toughest industries out there – the drug rehab industry. Rehabs exist to save people’s lives, and it’s not easy work. Much love and appreciation to all the Therapists, Doctors, Nurses, House Managers, Peer Advisors, BHT’s and other essential rehab employees on the ground floor helping addicts and alcoholics get sober. particularly doing Covid-19. Stay safe and healthy. Always remember, picking up the phone and making a call to one of the rehabs above will change your life instantly. Asking for help is the first step in your journey to long term sobriety!

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