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Who Viewed My Facebook Profile? Is It Possible to Find Out?

The question that is on almost every Facebook user’s mind time and again is, “Who viewed my Facebook profile?” After all, it’s only natural to want to know who’s interested in your virtual life. Despite this burning desire shown by countless Facebook users, the app has yet to provide this feature.

With that said, there are innumerable third-party apps that claim to provide insight into this matter. They promise to tell you exactly who viewed your Facebook and how often they visited our profile. Despite how promising or enticing this sounds, these apps simply cannot give you that information.

However, there are some other ways that can help you have an idea about who viewed your Facebook profile or business page. Let’s explore them all!

Apps That Claim to Answer the Perennial Question, “Who Viewed My Facebook?”

If you come across any third-party app that claims to offer you the feature to see who has viewed your Facebook profile recently, then it’s best if you report the app right away. This is because these apps are simply scamming you into providing your valuable data to them. Here’s how you can report such an app:

  1. Tap on the drop-down icon in your Facebook menu and choose “settings”.

  2. Browse the menu on the left-hand side and find “Apps and Websites”.

  3. Find the third-party app by typing its name in the given search field.

  4. Sleet the option, “View and edit”, from right next to the app name.

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap on “Give Feedback”.

  6. Choose the issue that you’d like to report the app for and choose next.

  7. Click or tap on done to complete the reporting process.

Why Do These Apps Scam you?

All of these third-party apps that claim to help you solve the mystery, “who viewed my Facebook profile recently,” are only trying to access your data. These apps put your account’s privacy at risk. This is because you use your Facebook ID and password to sign in to the app, which means that the app makers have access to everything on your Facebook.

Here are some reasons why such third-party apps exist:

  1. They want your data such as your preferences and likes, which they will sell to advertising companies.

  2. They want to hack your account so that they can change the password and use your Facebook to post their own content.

  3. They contain malware that might infect your browser, mobile phone, or computer.

  4. They want to see your purchase settings to steal sensitive data such as your credit card information.

After reporting these apps, you should ideally change your Facebook password and revoke app permission on Facebook.

How to Figure Out Who Has Viewed Your Facebook Page

Even though Facebook doesn’t offer its users the exact feature that can answer your question, “Who viewed my Facebook?”, it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t learn anything about it. The app offers plenty of features and tools that can help you surmise who views your profile most often.

For instance, Facebook allows you to review all of your interactions with your friends. All you have to do is go to their profile page and select the three dots next to the Message icon. Choose the option, “See Friendship”, from the drop-down menu. It will show you a timeline of all of your past interactions with your friend.

You can also view your entire activity log, which includes all the interactions you’ve had with your friends, groups, and elsewhere on Facebook. All you have to do is choose the drop-down icon on the right-hand side of your Facebook menu and then choose “Activity Log”.

It will show you everything such as your reactions, likes, and posts. It will also show you how your friends have reacted to your posts and comments. You can also see your tagged posts by choosing “Review Items” from the Timeline Review box. The “Photo Review” option will help you see all the photos you’re tagged in.

You can also filter your activity log by selecting the numerous filter options from the left-hand side menu. These options include comments, others’ posts to your timeline, like and reactions, etc. Having an overview of all these interactions can give you an idea of the friends who are most likely to visit your profile and the ones with whom you interact the most.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Facebook Page?

Many Facebook users also frequently Google the question, “Can I see who viewed my Facebook business page?” While you can’t see the names of the people who view your page, you can find other data about the general demographic that views your page.

Simply go to your page and choose “Insights” from the top menu. This overview page will show you information such as the likes your page has, your followers, engagement on your page, and more. You can also browse through the left-hand side menu to gain different insights into how Facebook users are interacting with your page.

You can see how many people have visited your page and seen posts on your page at least once. You can also see the locations from where people are liking your page and how many people have seen your page preview content.

You can also see the important data demographics by choosing “People” from the left-hand side menu. This page will provide a breakdown of your followers, fans, people who’ve engaged with your page, and people you’ve successfully reached. It will show you the age, gender, country, city, and the native language of your fans. Best SEO agency in Phoenix describes the process of how this all works here, Cohn Media Arizona.

The Bottom Line

Despite what third-party apps might claim, Facebook has yet to offer its users the feature, “Who Viewed My Facebook?” It might offer such a tool in the future based on the increasing demand for it. However, till that moment comes, you can use the aforementioned ways to deduce which of your friends and followers view your profile or engage with your content the most!

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