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Why Good Reviews are So Important for SEO

If you run an e-commerce store or simply have your business’s page online, all you must be thinking about is how to improve SEO. Improving SEO is not as easy as it was in the past. As Google keeps upgrading its algorithm, there’s always something new to consider if you want to increase your rankings. These days, if you’re wondering about how to improve SEO, you need to realize the importance of good reviews for SEO.

Currently, you might just be focused on content creation and building backlinks on your website. But, good reviews can be just as crucial for SEO. Here’s why.

Good Reviews Lead to Better Click Through Rates

Click Through Rates (CTR) are one of the crucial factors that Google considers in its rankings. The better CTR you have, the more likely Google is to think your page is popular. Moreover, since the search engine wants to provide the best experience to its users, it will show the popular pages first.

When your page or brand name has plenty of good reviews attached to it, users will be more likely to trust and click on your website. This will help increase your page’s CTR.

Good Reviews Can Affect Bounce Rates

However, when it comes to online pages and websites, the goal is not just to bring visitors over, but also to keep them there. Only when you can convince your visitors to stay on your website, you will get a chance to convert them into customers or leads.

Luckily for you, good reviews can help with that too. When visitors see a lot of good and genuine reviews on your website, they will be more curious about your brand, and will likely stay longer to browse. This way, your bounce rates are bound to go down while your ranking goes up.

Google Trusts Reviews More than You

The importance of good reviews for SEO also lies in the fact that Google trusts your customers’ words more than you. Just like good backlinks prove to Google that your site is credible, good reviews are also a sign that visitors find your page valuable, and therefore, it can achieve better rankings. Google’s new algorithm allows it to evaluate the reviews about your page, and if they are positive, it will consider your page to be legit, thereby rewarding it with more visibility. Here are some other SEO strategies that Google rewards.

Good Reviews Naturally Add More Keywords

You might have an entire team of writers under you who are trying to create the best content for your website to achieve better rankings and visibility. However, they are not the only content creators you have. Your customers are also your content creators, and their good reviews are another way to include good content on your website.

Since the reviews will primarily be about your brand, products, or services, it is bound to include many keywords that Google is looking for. As a result, the search engine will classify your page to be more relevant for those keywords and give it a higher ranking.

Good Reviews Can be Crucial for Local SEO

Good reviews are even more crucial for certain industries and local SEO. For instance, when it comes to restaurants or hotels, people specifically go for those businesses that have many good reviews.

Similarly, for such businesses, their local SEO is much more important than general SEO. So, when people search for the best hotel or best fast-food joint near me, Google will show them those local businesses which have plenty of good reviews and you can check out the best SEO tool here.

Good reviews on your page can be one answer to how to improve SEO


How to improve SEO is an important question that you need to ponder upon if you want your webpages to rank. While you’ll find lots of answers to this question, some will be effective while others will not. Considering the importance of good reviews for SEO, it’s definitely one of the effective ways.

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