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Why Google My Business Is Key for SEO

Are you confused about where to start your SEO journey for your online business? Google My Business is the biggest free-to-use platform where you can make your business visible to millions of consumers online. In this world, a business that is not visible on GMB will quickly fall behind its competitors.

This article talks about the importance of Google My Business for SEO and how you can make the most of it.

What is Google My Business?

Consider you’ve just done a Google search along the lines of “drug rehabs near me”. Your first instinct is to take a look at the three rehab centers that Google shows are nearest to you on the map. Those businesses are successfully able to reach you thanks to Google My Business, and they have an edge over everyone else. This listing is where you need to be whenever consumers search for keywords related to your business.

Google My Business (GMB) is the go-to tool for businesses to boost their local visibility and perform higher on search rankings. The business listing tool ensures that you make the necessary information readily available for your potential customers.

The business listings you see on Google Maps appear from GMB accounts set up by business owners. It allows consumers to access all the essential information regarding your business, including contact details, location, opening/closing times and much more.

Newer updates even allow you to post relevant, targeted content and make posts about your upcoming/past events.

How to Setup Your Google My Business Page

Google has streamlined the process of creating a GMB listing enough for use by a layman. To get verified, make an account and claim your business by visiting Google Business.

You may find that there is a pre-existing page for your business on Google. This is because anyone can make changes on unclaimed pages, so your first step will be to claim your page. Follow the easy instructions on-screen and fill out the information required.

Next, they will need verification. This can be done via a postcard to the address you entered or through a phone call— choose whatever suits you best. We really can’t understate the importance of Google My Business for SEO, so get this done as soon as possible.

You can now choose to add as much information as you like, but here are a few standard tips that will help you rank:

  1. Location, contact information and opening/closing times are vital.

  2. Use a detailed description with embedded keywords.

  3. Add photos and videos, so consumers know what to expect.

  4. Collect and respond to quality reviews.

  5. Add posts with smart call-to-actions.

Google My Business generates clicks and sales

Importance of Google My Business for SEO

All digital marketing gurus will tell you that the first step to improving your SEO is to create an effective GMB listing. Around 40% of users who conduct a Google search never click any weblinks at all. They simply find what they’re looking for on the results page of Google My Business without having to visit a website.

It’s painful to think that a consumer searching for your business category or niche never even makes it to your website because they find your competitor with an up-to-date GMB listing. So, the first step to mastering SEO is to master your Google My Business listing with accurate information, great pictures, quality reviews and relevant content. Most consumers use Google Maps to search for businesses nearby and you’re unlikely to show up if you don’t have a GMG listing. Per Organic SEO Ninja, an SEO organization specialized in E-Commerce websites, if you don’t have an optimized GMB profile, you are irrelevant online.

One of your main SEO goals should be to rank among the Google Local 3-Pack for your targeted local searches. This refers to the 3 GMB (used to be 7) listings that show up before organic results. Yes, before organic results. Think about the visibility and outreach you can get from such a ranking; it’s impossible to pass up!

As business owners, we know how difficult it is to build trust with consumers. Most people place a lot of confidence in Google, so ranking higher on Google will increase your reputation among your customers.

How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing?

The Google algorithm uses various factors to rank businesses, but here are the 3 most important ones:

  1. Proximity: Unlike before, proximity is now one of the most critical factors in determining a business ranking on google. A restaurant in Los Angeles will never rank on a search like “restaurant in New York”. The location provided in a GMB listing helps you rank in a local search, but it may not be enough. We recommend that you create relevant, local-oriented content on your site or GMB posts to help the algorithm rank you higher.

  2. Relevance: This is the top factor in SEO rankings. The relevance factor is all about how well your business matches the search intent of the consumer. Be focused in your keyword targeting and specific in the content you create. Broad terms will never rank. Know your customer.

  3. Prominence: The Google Algorithm loves activity. If your listing has a lot of reviews coming in, various events, and a wide range of targeted content, you will see an instant improvement in your GMB page ranking.


Google is the trusted source of information for almost all consumers today. If you do not have a GMB listing, your business will likely be left behind in the ever-changing modern online business world.

If you want to increase leads, drive traffic and improve your conversions, contact Cohn Media to schedule your free consultation today and upgrade your business’s online presence.

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