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Online Marketing for Restaurants with the CM Review Club



Cohn Media has vast experience in the restaurant industry, both from an operational and marketing standpoint. The experience began by the Founder working in his fathers restaurant organization, Big 4 Restaurants in Phoenix, AZ. Big 4 was the largest restaurant group in Arizona for over 30 years with concepts like Steamers, Lunt Ave. Marble Club, Oscar Taylors, Ed Debevics and many more. In today's world, people who are looking for a new dining experience, google search either the restaurant they are looking for specifically or "best restaurant near me." CM makes sure your restaurant pops up #1 on that list and ensures your website is enticing, exciting and easy to navigate. Furthermore, and just as important, we make sure your online reviews are strong and in good standing. We use In-House Google Tour Guide accounts, as well as Yelp Influencers to post 5-star reviews monthly to your profiles. These are real reviews, left by real people who will dine in your restaurant and leave 5-star reviews for you. Those with the most reviews and highest rating WINS. (The goal is over 1,000 reviews at a rating of 4.5 or above.) The restaurant marketing package, which includes the 5-star reviews, can be purchased by enrolling in the CM Monthly Membership Restaurant Review Club. Click Below:

Our Restaurant Clients

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