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Social Media Management


Having a high-quality presence on social media is essential in boosting your brand & ultimately increasing revenue. If you’ve found yourself on multiple platforms, you probably understand how overwhelming it can be to produce creative content, keep up with interaction, and maintain overall effectiveness. The better your social media marketing, the more traction, engagement and potential revenue you can produce for your business or yourself. Cohn Media provides each of our clients with service in all areas of social media management. We’ll better define your brand, create an optimal posting schedule, and produce high-quality content that encourages engagement and interaction. Furthermore, we utilize our Instagram Infuencers to help boost your posts and stories and capture legit revenue for your product or service, not just likes or comments. Simply having these influencers follow your account is a win-win, but we have them engage and interact on your content, as well.

Most clients subscribe to the CM SEO Club which not only takes care of your social media, but helps drive traffic to your website and maintains your site and online presence on a daily basis. If your just looking for social media management, please email us and lets start the conversation!  

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